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    Say Hello –

    I am Jen Kehm the Facilitator of Happy Feet!

    AvatarSheila Cohill

    Hi Jen and Other Happy Feet Members,

    I’m Sheila and just joined Cancer Bridges earlier this month. I look forward to participating in Happy Feet. I am undergoing chemo treatment after a hysterectomy and can only walk as far as movement goes, but I have the goal of building up to doing it every day (doing 3-4 days right now). Thank you for this opportunity!


    AvatarSara Corrado

    Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well. My name is Sara. I completed 9 months of chemo for my leukemia (APL) in August. I’m still dealing with side effects from treatment/complications, including neuropathy and chronic fatigue. I am excited to get started on this program and SO ready to get my health back!

    AvatarBeth Lehmier

    Hi everyone! I’m Beth, a 2x breast cancer Thriver, 45, stay at home mom to a 15 y/o from Moon. I had a foot surgery in December and am currently waiting for full clearance to be active, but am excited to get moving again. My oldest niece is getting married this September and I’d like to feel good on the dance floor.

    Outside of cancer and the program I have been married to the love of my life for almost 19 years. I enjoy getting crafty when my hands allow it and always enjoy a good book.

    Looking forward to meeting all of you!

    PS- Jen, is it ok to share our phone numbers if we are looking for walking buddies? I wouldn’t mind a few laps at the mall while my foot is healing.


    Hello, my name is Tess. I was dx with breast cancer in May 2022, exactly 5 months before my wedding. I was able to complete chemo and save my hair (cold capping) and get married on time. I completed all treatment by May 2023 (lumpectomy, radiation and immunotherapy) and now take Tamoxifen. I had arthritic pains before my diagnosis and I think Tamoxifen is now exacerbating those pains. I do try to work out 3x/week but don’t always get there. I work 2 part-time jobs which equal full-time for me.
    Looking forward to meeting others who have a goal of becoming stronger.

    AvatarNicole Courson

    Hi everyone, I’m Nicole and I’m a longtime member with Cancer Bridges. I’ve beaten cancer three times (endometrial, then lung, and most recently breast) and am three years cancer free, but really excited to be here with all of you and get myself moving again.

    AvatarLisa Pappanastasiou

    LisaP here:) I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2023. I have one more TC chemo treatment left and then moving on to radiation in March. I am blessed to be able to work from home as an architectural designer for a residential design build company. My husband and I have a big blended bunch of 6 ‘kids’ most of whom are grown. We currently share our home with our youngest children, Joey (11), Lyla (9) and our rescued pup, Madison.

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    AvatarMary Caspersen

    Hi Everyone..My name is Mary. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer last March and has had radiation and now hormone therapy which causes extreme fatigue and dizziness and balance issues. He has gained weight due to treatment and inactivity. I am hoping to initiate more activity and try to motivate him to do some things with me to get him moving again. Prior to his diagnosis he was very active.



    I learned a lot from tonight’s speaker and look forward to participating in this program. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this past August and underwent surgery. I just finished chemotherapy and about to start radiation. I had just left my job before I was diagnosed in June from an executive position in higher education administration. I am finding that cancer has a silver lining in putting quality of life in perspective with time to focus on wellness and health as priority. My husband has been a rock for me and the support of my two children who live far away has also been incredible. Introducing yoga, dance exercise in the past week or so to my routine and this program has been a God-sent. I live in Indiana, PA for now and following treatment, hoping to move to a much warmer place.

    AvatarBuddy Pribish

    Hi. My name is Buddy Pribish. I just started chemo for Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer. This wasn’t supposed to happen, at least according to MY plan. Prior to this, I was blessed with more than 60 years of healthiness. So now it is a new chapter in my life, one of treatments, medications and uncertainty. Looking forward to connecting with some of you as we battle this evil disease.

    AvatarBeth Schmidt

    My name is Beth, I had breast cancer. Had surgery and radation in February of 2022. Will be 2 years cancer free.

    AvatarAnn Marie Weisman

    Hi, all. I’m Annmarie, and this is my third Happy Feet. The first time I joined the program I wondered why people repeated it. I get it now! The support from Jen and the other participants, the great speakers, and the suggestions I’ve picked up along the way have really helped to motivate me.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2022 and am experiencing side effects from endocrine therapy. I am glad to have found Cancer Bridges last year.

    AvatarPauline Duncan

    Hi everyone, I’m late to the intro party but I’m here. My name is Pauline, I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer January 21, 2021 I went through 6mos. of Chemo and had surgery with another two treatments of chemo. I was cancer free until Aprilish of 2023 and had a left lung nodule that was cancerous, decided to enter a clinical trial that consisted of removal of the nodule and piece of lung, next scan suspicious right lung nodule, which is being monitored. Last scan in Dec. suspicious right nodule shrunk a little and maybe just a nodule. Scan coming up the end of Feb. I receive scans every three months, but God has kept me and my trust is in him. First Happy Feet and been attending Cancer Bridges for about 7mos. now.

    AvatarKaren Raman

    Hello! My name is Karen Raman. I’m a 32 year leukemia survivor. I have chronic lymphocytic leukemia which has no cure yet. I had two stem cell transplants, one using my own stem cells, the other an unrelated donor. Things were going great on immunotherapy until Oct. ‘22 when I was diagnosed with osteo sarcoma. I lost my right femur, knee & 2 quads. I still use a walker & am frustrated to walk unassisted again. Happy Feet has encouraged me to keep fighting! This is my third time ‘ I get so much out of this class.

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