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How to measure movement

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    I have an activity tracker that tells me know many steps i take each day. I do not have an effective method for measuring my activity in minutes. Does anyone else have this challenge?


    Hi Ramona- We purchased stop watched. Can you come to Cancer Bridges on Wednesday or Thursday this week to pick it up along with your Book?


    Yes. I have an appointment on Wen at McGee and if they run on time I will be stopping by before noon. if they run late I will be there Thursday. Also I live near Ross Park Mall. If you have someone in this area that needs this stuff dropped off at they home or work most likely I can take care of that. Give me a call if there is someone and we can work out the details.


    I have an unusual way to track my time. Some of you might think this is fun. I hope this makes sense. I’m better with pictures than with words.

    I like to draw pictures and I read for pleasure.

    Also, this isn’t totally my original idea. Several years ago there was a readathon on YouTube called 25 in 5, where we tried to read for 25 hours in 5 days. They suggested doing an hour on your stop watch or kitchen timer, then making a hash mark in your notebook.

    I tried that and got real tired of looking at hash marks😁

    So here is what I do. Say your gaol is 20 minutes of movement in a day. Draw yourself a coloring book page with 20 fields to color in it. Example: draw a flower with a center and 4 petals. That’s 5 fields of color. Draw 4 flowers and that’s 20 fields to color. Then do a minute of movement on your stopwatch and you can color one field. Your bouquet of flowers won’t be finished until you’ve finished 20 minutes of movement.

    AvatarBeth Schmidt

    That is a great idea. I am going to try it.

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