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Hello Everyone – Please introduce yourself!

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    I’m Jeanette and I live in Upper St Clair with my husband, 3rd grade daughter, and 3 cats. I’m 39 and a Girl Scout troop leader, marketing manager, D&D player, and love to garden and hike!

    I was diagnosed with gastrointestinal stromal tumor in April 2022. I had abdominal surgery the following week. Almost a year later, my CT scans are still clear and I am taking Gleevec every day with very minor side effects, thank goodness! Life is starting to feel much more normal again–but before surgery I was in the best shape of my life and now I am very much *not* in shape. My goal is to improve my endurance and strength again so I can get back to being in my “prime.” 🙂

    AvatarCathy LeGrand

    Hi I am Cathy. I live in McCandless with my husband Tom & our 2 cats. I was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer in October 2022. I had a double mastectomy & also lymph node dissection. I started chemo on 1/26/23. I am hoping to learn a lot from this group.


    Hi…I am Mother Galina
    I am an Orthodox nun and an ovarian cancer survivor.
    I will be at my 2 year, every three month checkup in August.

    I have multiple health issues. I am 69.
    Myasthenia gravis (muscle disease)
    And I need a new hip!
    I am obese by from sitting too much during my chemo months (I was so sick most of the time)….
    I could not take anti-nausea meds due to the myasthenia.
    Anyway…with Gods help I got through all that.

    I had been more or less scheduled for a hip replacement when they found my ovarian tumor.
    So I have put off getting that done until the cancer seemed under control.
    I had ovarian stage 1 C…..meaning the tumor was ruptured internally during surgery.

    I actually gained weight with treatment due to muscle loss they tell me.
    So I am so grateful to be here for my third round of Happy feet and actually motivated to move and get back my life for the first time in two years! I love Happy feet!

    So glad to be here and be motivated by the rest of you!


    Hi, Everyone! My name is Jen and was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2018. Finished all treatment in December 2019. I definitely moved more during the pandemic as I was able to get out and walk before walk everyday. Now that I am back in the office, I struggle to get out and walk before heading downtown. By the time I get home I have to force myself to move. This group definitely helps motivate me now I just need to motivate myself.

    Happy to be here for so many reasons!


    Hi Chris, I was diagnosed with TNBC in 2018. Seeing your post really inspires me!! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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