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GOALS for Nutrition – Be bold post them here:

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    Angela asked us to set three SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timebound. Post your goals here- what gets written gets done!


    My nutrition goal is to, by the end of May, start eating more vegetables and less of pastas, breads and rice. I am going to look for new recipes at least once a week to help me include those vegetables and healthy meats.


    My nutrition goals are to start the day off with a green smoothie everyday. It is the one thing that sets my day. It really seems to point me in the right direction. (Chia seeds, green powder, handful of spinach, some Greek yogurt, green tea, a banana, and whatever berries I happen to have). This is hard for me. It is so much easier to drink a cup of coffee.

    My second goal is to add more fruits and vegetable. My family doesn’t eat vegetables and so it makes it hard for me to cook family meals. I love Misfit market. They mail directly to your house. I order and then treat it as a challenge to eat everything before it goes bad. I do freeze what I can’t use right away. I told my adult daughter and husband that I would be spending more time on what I needed to eat and they can eat what I make or fend for themselves. I feel like it is my job to make sure everyone is fed. It is going to be a challenge for me to let the make their own meals, especially when they decide it is easier to go out. measurable= at least one serving of veg per meal and fruit as treats and desert at least twice a day plus what is in my smoothie.

    My other goal is to eat whole foods. My rule is If the paper rattles when you open it, don’t eat it. I will try to use popcorn as my go to snack.

    AvatarRachel Carnes

    My first goal is to start cutting down on the mountain dew I drink. I’m embarrassed to say I currently drink about 6 cans a day. My goal is to cut back to 5 cans a days. I’m not sure what my time frame should be yet as when to then cut down to 4 cans, 3 cans, etc. I’m thinking to be realistic and not hard on myself and will give myself one week in between cutting back. So, today starts my first day of drinking 5 cans instead of 6. Next week will be 4 cans instead of 5 and so on.

    My second goal is to get 20-40 minutes of movement everyday. Preferably chair exercises with a resistance band and walking on days that my bone mets are more painful than usual and the walking will be easier on that.

    My third goal is to get more/better sleep. I want to have an actual schedule instead of just watching TV in bed until I fall asleep.


    Water has been tasting bitter from chemo, so to drink more fluids ,I will fill a 64 ounce container with cold maybe flavored water in the morning and sip it through the day.

    I will walk for at least 15 min in my apartment building when I take out our garbage or recycling five days a week.

    I will meditate in a round chair in my bedroom for 10 minutes or more five days a week. because when I meditate I feel calmer and do not stress eat.

    Barb Donato

    AvatarBeth Schmidt

    My goal is to limit snacks and sweets to no more than 2 total servings a day. I am also going to use popcorn as a healthy snack. It is very filling and we have a air popper.

    I will do mindfullness, grounding, visulization etc every day for atleast 5 minutes.

    I will increase my exercise to 45 minutes and day. Raise my weakly goal to 320 minutes. I will do strength training Monday, Wedensday and Friday for 10 minutes. I will walk everyday and adjust my times on the days I do the strength training.


    Fantastic! Keep them coming!

    AvatarWanda Thompson

    First Goal: sip 2 oz water every hour even when I am not thirsty

    Second Goal: dilute every sweeten drink 50/50

    Third Goal: eat more vegetables by camouflaging them into sauces, tossing them in parmesan cheese and baking them, and put more vegetable toppings on pizza


    These goals are great! I fell off the wagon – except for water – I was proud of myself as water helped my energy level.

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