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    Hello everyone. I saw an article in Women’s Health magazine about breathing. Two techniques they mention are:

    Triangle Breathing – Inhale, Hold, Exhale for the same number of seconds. Start with 3 seconds and work your way up to 5 seconds.

    Box Breathing – Inhale, Hold, Exhale, Hold for the same number of seconds. Starts with 5 seconds and work your way up.

    The goal is to be able to do these exercises for 10 minutes a day.

    The article was featured in the December 2022 issue. I have practiced box breathing before, it was suggested in a weight loss app called NOOM. The theory behind the NOOM app is that we make better health decisions when we are less stressed, including healthy eating. The app goes into a lot more detail relating to stress, anxiety, mindfulness, etc.

    Hope this helps.

    AvatarBeth Schmidt

    Thank you. I never did the box breathing will give that a try

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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