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Hi…I am Mother Galina
I am an Orthodox nun and an ovarian cancer survivor.
I will be at my 2 year, every three month checkup in August.

I have multiple health issues. I am 69.
Myasthenia gravis (muscle disease)
And I need a new hip!
I am obese by from sitting too much during my chemo months (I was so sick most of the time)….
I could not take anti-nausea meds due to the myasthenia.
Anyway…with Gods help I got through all that.

I had been more or less scheduled for a hip replacement when they found my ovarian tumor.
So I have put off getting that done until the cancer seemed under control.
I had ovarian stage 1 C…..meaning the tumor was ruptured internally during surgery.

I actually gained weight with treatment due to muscle loss they tell me.
So I am so grateful to be here for my third round of Happy feet and actually motivated to move and get back my life for the first time in two years! I love Happy feet!

So glad to be here and be motivated by the rest of you!