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AvatarBeth Schmidt

I really enjoyed Kim’s presentation. So many great ideas to get out and move. I will be writing things down and planning fun. Going to play a board game tonight. Thank you so much for all that you do Jen. This is such a great group.

I am going to do a decade retro party. Anyone can pick any year and make something for a pot luck from that year.
Will look for some cloths from different era’s. Goodwill and the thrift stores have some cool things. Will also ask guests, I am sure they can find some things too. I just keep it laid back and what we have it what we have. I have some cds from all eras. I also have some vinyl too. Just keeping it simple and easy. The kids, grandkids and nieces and Nephews come to swim. We just do smaller parties as it is so hard with everyone schedules. Will do several smaller parties.