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My first goal is to start cutting down on the mountain dew I drink. I’m embarrassed to say I currently drink about 6 cans a day. My goal is to cut back to 5 cans a days. I’m not sure what my time frame should be yet as when to then cut down to 4 cans, 3 cans, etc. I’m thinking to be realistic and not hard on myself and will give myself one week in between cutting back. So, today starts my first day of drinking 5 cans instead of 6. Next week will be 4 cans instead of 5 and so on.

My second goal is to get 20-40 minutes of movement everyday. Preferably chair exercises with a resistance band and walking on days that my bone mets are more painful than usual and the walking will be easier on that.

My third goal is to get more/better sleep. I want to have an actual schedule instead of just watching TV in bed until I fall asleep.