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I had mentioned in the last couple zoom meetings about receiving Sunbasket meals and Farm Fresh RX boxes (boxes of organic vegetables delivered to your home every week). I wanted to let everyone know how I receive those. It’s through
It is for people with breast or ovarian cancer. You can sign up on their website and you will receive a welcome box with lots of great things. Then you will receive what they call your “passport” which has squares in it that you can use for services and products. If you are metastatic your passport squares renew every six months. I know most of you are in PA so you all will be able to take advantage of a lot in person services like massage, acupuncture, etc. I live in Illinois so I use my squares for the Sunbasket meals, Farm Fresh RX boxes, and zoom sessions with a counselor. Just wanted to let everyone know about it because the Sunbasket meals have been a lifesaver for me since I live alone and don’t have much of a support system. I hope there are others who can benefit from this!!