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My nutrition goals are to start the day off with a green smoothie everyday. It is the one thing that sets my day. It really seems to point me in the right direction. (Chia seeds, green powder, handful of spinach, some Greek yogurt, green tea, a banana, and whatever berries I happen to have). This is hard for me. It is so much easier to drink a cup of coffee.

My second goal is to add more fruits and vegetable. My family doesn’t eat vegetables and so it makes it hard for me to cook family meals. I love Misfit market. They mail directly to your house. I order and then treat it as a challenge to eat everything before it goes bad. I do freeze what I can’t use right away. I told my adult daughter and husband that I would be spending more time on what I needed to eat and they can eat what I make or fend for themselves. I feel like it is my job to make sure everyone is fed. It is going to be a challenge for me to let the make their own meals, especially when they decide it is easier to go out. measurable= at least one serving of veg per meal and fruit as treats and desert at least twice a day plus what is in my smoothie.

My other goal is to eat whole foods. My rule is If the paper rattles when you open it, don’t eat it. I will try to use popcorn as my go to snack.