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Hello, I’m Tim and I was diagnosed with Sragstage 4 metastatic colon cancer last yeayear April 2021. I went through surgery t to remove a large tumor on the outside of my colon and other items they found too. I have an ilestomy and a pluerx to help drain the fluid in my abdomen. Thank goodness for my car accident on April 13, 2021 or I would have never know that I had colon cancer and wouldn’t be alive today. I wentthrough 12 harsh chemo treatments (twice a month) and it didn’t do anything for the cancer. I’m currently in a clinical trial (4th week) and hoping for a good outcome. My cancer is caused by a genetic disorder and hopefully this trial will turn off the gene that is creating the cancer. Unfortunately, I have a huge hernia from my first surgery and they won’t do anything with it unless if it causes problems with my digestion or bathroom issues.
I guess it could be worse and I’m thankful for being alive and still able to drive and go to work. Peace and welcome to all !!