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Hi….my name is Mother Galina. I am an Orthodox Catholic nun. I was very active until 12 years ago when I developed myasthenia gravis. While it slowed me down, I still remained fairly active. Then in January of 2021 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer while expecting a hip replacement. I had a hysterectomy and chemo followed that. I seemed to,have had a very rough time with the chemo in part due to the chemo and myasthenia drugs not being so compatible I think. I lost 22 pounds from being so sick but I also didn’t move very much so between the tow illnesses I have lost a lot of muscle tone. I gained 11 pounds back since food is tasting good again! I was ask to lose 45 pounds before a possible hip replacement in May or June. It is very hard to lose when you cannot walk. I use a wheelchair due to the hip pain at home. I feel very hopeful with the first session of this program! I am so grateful it is being offered. Let’s do this!